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Four decades of activity's , five areas of intervention, 33.000 square meters of which 12.000 are covered. The LDT and now a reality diverse matural evolution of the first production unit, was born in the early 70's.

Geffrido Tosoni, president of the Company, founded in 1972 the LDT, in the town of Morrovalle, in the province of Macerata. The Company started is activity as a laboratory dedicated to the production of electrical grounding and lighting protection. Geffrido Tosoni, with capacity competence and most seriousness devotes his life to the development of business, oriented to a policy of continuous investments, still in place, strengthens the structure , expanding the product range, in the manufacture of steel lighting poles , TV antenna poles for support, and division poles for fencing,presenting a full program in the most dyfferent types, up to the traffic signal poles and photovoltaic.

LDT Company has in its manufacturing facility, in a galvanizing plant and a paint shop, among the more modern and to advanced, securing a coming to the Market, with a quality product , at a price among the most competitive. LDT and today the market leader in a complete range and ability' productive, able to satisfy the most specifications with maximum efficiency and flexibility.

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