General presentation

Our company, ORIGINAL, began its journey, officially, in 1995, in Targoviste. And we say "officially", because until then for 20 years the company had been evolving in the minds and ideas of its founders, transforming and adapting not one but dozens of times in response to the turmoil of the Romanian economic and business environment of the 1990s and beginning to take shape as each one was gaining individual experience.

Having on our side the 20 years´ experience as a general manager of the electrical and mechanical maintenance department of a special steel manufacturer in Targoviste (one of the largest companies of the steel industry in Romania with more than 10,000 employees in 2005, manufacturer of low and high alloy steels for construction, military and special constructions such as the Cernavoda nuclear plant), and also a lot of determination and enthusiasm of a united team, ORIGINAL started its activity with the aim of providing integrated "turnkey" solutions, for the automation in different industries and, above all, wishing to help, provide customers with all the experience gained in such a demanding field and with all the values without which we believe that a sustainable development or successful long-term collaboration cannot exist: integrity, customer orientation, respect and trust, ongoing communication, adaptability to market changes.

Applying our value system in all projects, regardless of the magnitude or scope, we have learned that in the vast majority of cases, the most expensive solution is not necessarily the best and it is not enough to choose what you find the most comfortable doing or building. For this same reason, the permanent communication with the client, that we carry out and promote in all our actions, allows us to adapt and individualise each solution or application so that the result of the project is the desired one. Experience has taught us that in order to have a successful business, adaptability to the demands of the market is a vital feature and this way we have managed to form a multidisciplinary team that, with a full capacity of self-teaching, increases its value with each project developed, adapting the gained experience to the particularities of each client and working with them, step by step, to achieve the agreed-upon objectives.

Today, the journey started in 1995 has successfully surpassed the milestone of the 20 years of the initial experience and, project after project, has allowed us to embrace a broader scope and strengthen our market position in the field of industrial automation solutions addressing various objectives such as purification and industrial water treatment plants, packaging lines, machine tools, assembly and manufacturing lines, industrial robotics, etc.

In order to complement its initial activity, ORIGINAL offers its customers a physical and virtual online store which allows us to distribute equipment and products belonging to the most important automation component manufacturers and giving us the opportunity to offer short response time in the execution of projects and the requiered quality in all the activities of the company.

You can find us here

Calea Bucureşti, Bl.N3C, parter

Târgovişte, DB 130135


(+40) 755 743 188