Engineers Create a Wireless Charger You Can Cut to Shape

Researchers from the University of Tokyo developed a new system to charge electronic devices such as smartphones and smartwatches wirelessly.  The charger still functions after it's cut due to a wiring method known as H-tree wiring Credit: (c)2018 Kawahara LaboratoryThe method involves a cuttable, flexible power transfer sheet which charges devices
Think of linear induction motors (LIMs) as rotary motors that have been cut and unrolled to generate linear instead of rotary motion.  Linear induction motors are comprised of two parts, the primary and secondary, which interact with one another only when power is applied.  Either the primary or the secondary can be fixed while the other moves.
Opto 22 announces world’s first Edge Programmable Industrial Controller: groov EPIC Experienced industrial automation manufacturer and industrial internet of things tools developer Opto 22 today announced a groundbreaking new industrial system to address the needs of automation engineers and developers solving the challenging automation and industr
Cheers to that: Beer waste transformed into energy-efficient window covering   Qingkun Liu, a posdoctoral researcher in physics, lifts up a petri dish holding samples of a new aerogel. (Credit: CU Boulder)   Can a new type of transparent gel, made from readily-available beer waste, help engineers build greenhouses on Mars? CU Boulder physicists have developed an insulating gel that they say could coat the windows of habitats in space, allowing the settlers inside to trap and store energy from the sun—much like a greenhouse stays warm during the winter. And unlike similar products on the market, the material is mostly see-through.
The Open Process Automation Forum has been hard at work to develop a reference architecture that will transform process control systems. But there are still concerns around functionality and business models in an open, interoperable world.
This pad-free wireless charger can power multiple devices at once      Imagine charging your phone, tablet, and wearable device, at the same time, in any direction from the same power source. Pi is working to make that a reality.
Among the most important standards for industrial motion control are open networking standards for interoperable communications, but don’t overlook the importance of standard naming conventions to ease system integration and promote Industrial Internet of Things and similarIn a more connected world, machine builders and end users are finding that the digital part of "intelligent" machines is increasingly more complex and challenging to handle. Industry trends focus on topics like modular connected machines, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), plug-and-produce, digital twins, digital factory, and others. The development of motion control applications, as well as the industry itself, is changing rapidly.  
GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) adică Regulamentul General privind Protecția Datelor Politica de confidențialitate ORIGINAL com prin raportare la noile reglementări privind protecția dateloractualizare: 24 mai 2018 I. Informații generaleConfidențialitatea datelor dumneavoastră cu caracter personal reprezintă una dintre preocupările princi
As it is mentioned in our presentation, Original company aims to strengthen its presence on the local market and the expansion of the company at an international level by providing solutions, products and services with a highly competitive value for money in the European market. Our main interest is in the manufacturing of electrical cabinets (gene
The project consisted of the realization of a monitoring and control system for the tempering and quenching processes and included: designmounting (in own workshop)supplyinstallationcommissioningtesting The electrical command and control cabinet allowed the beneficiary to perform starting, stopping and permanent monitoring of the process, depending
The project consisted of the realization of a monitoring and control system for the neutralization process and included: designmounting (in own workshop)supplyinstallationcommissioningtesting The electrical command and control cabinet allowed the beneficiary to perform the on-line monitoring and control of the entire process: starting/stopping pump
The project is to provide a machine for assembling components - clamping ring connection press, and involved: designmounting (in own workshop)testing in our own workshoppackaginglabelingdelivery to France - the company headquarters - the complete machine, including the mechanical and pneumatic parts and the electrical and automation components The
Under the generic title "Automation and control production lines", the company ORIGINAL conducted a series of projects that have involved automation, command and control of a large number of lines and technological processes of the beneficiary. In these projects, after gathering all necessary information and all beneficiary specifications, were car
In this project,  the company ORIGINAL has developed a hardware and software solution that met the demands of the beneficiary to have a tool for the energy consumption monitoring. In this project has been carried out the following activities: designdevelopmentinstallationcommissioningtestingmaintenance of the system Based on the open sour
ORIGINAL company offers turnkey, innovative and high quality automation solutions based on the latest technologies, with the aim of improving production processes, both economically (extending the useful life of the installations and systems, increasing work efficiency by means of process automation, reducing losses and consumption of electricity,
Currently the automatic regulation of systems involves an integrated approach to technological issues. The term "Mechatronics" is attracting increasing attention and is being used in an increasing number of systems and engineering applications and refers to the combination of precision engineering, electronic control and the integ
In a continuously evolving market which is getting more and more complex every day, where the continuous advent of new technologies and new standards is no longer a novelty, the software application development is a must. However, it is difficult to always achieve compatibility between the particular needs of each company and the existing software
For the execution stages of the projects, SC Original SRL relies on the fundamental idea that the development of a project has to be managed correctly and constantly. The implementation consists in the efficient development and completion of the previously established activities, using the planned resources and generating the expected results, in o
The commissioning and tests processes involve the application of a set of verification procedures in order to inspect and test every operational component of the project, from individual items (for example, tools and equipment) to the complex interconnections between the different modules or subsystems of installations or between different machines
The specialized technical assistance represents for SC Original SRL an essential activity and its objective is to provide our clients with strategic and qualitative information that can lead to an efficient and effective resolution of the problems that arise in their daily activity. According to one of our principles taken on in the beginning of ou
Maintenance represents the totality of the activities carried out in an organization in order to ensure the operation of systems, facilities and equipment, in nominal parameters and throughout the service life given by the manufacturer. For decades, industrial companies focused mainly on production, generally ignoring the maintenance function. Howe

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