Our approach

ORIGINAL company offers turnkey, innovative and high quality automation solutions based on the latest technologies, with the aim of improving production processes, both economically (extending the useful life of the installations and systems, increasing work efficiency by means of process automation, reducing losses and consumption of electricity, etc.), and in terms of the impact on human resources (by improving the working conditions of users, negative impact on the environment, simplification of the supervision, operation and control of the facilities processes, etc.).

Our activities cover all phases of the project:

  • Electrical system and automation solution design
  • The development of the software applications proposed in our solutions
  • The implementation of the solutions established with the client
  • Commissioning and tests
  • Specialized Technical Assistance
  • Preventive and corrective technical maintenance for customer-owned installations, systems and equipment

You can find us here

Calea Bucureşti, Bl.N3C, parter

Târgovişte, DB 130135


(+40) 755 743 188