Our projects portfolio

Created in more than 20 years of experience, the portfolio of projects, clients and collaborators of ORIGINAL includes public authorities and institutions as well as private companies.

Apart from the main values ​​of our company, namely integrity, customer orientation, respect and trust in all our partners and customers, permanent communication and strategic adaptability to market changes, we have added, project by project, the correctness and professionalism of our projects and results that are fully in line with customer requirements, thus being able to gain a portfolio of projects, customers and collaborators in a constant consolidation through long-term partnerships, and growth through new projects.

The recommendations received from our clients and collaborators have demonstrated over time that the best presentation for us is to have complete and prompt services that are at least at the level of promises made. For us, the benefit of those we collaborate with is extremely important, and the results of our work, which have always been approached with maximum responsibility and professionalism, have earn us respect and appreciation and are the best recommendation.

We would like to thank all those who have trusted us and to assure them and our potential customers, collaborators or suppliers that our company ORIGINAL will continue to dedicate itself with the same passion as before and will continue to believe in professionalism and fairness in all its commercial relationship.

Some of our Customers

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